Pursuing My Passion, Living My Dream

The photo to the left RMRC Cover Photois of my son and I making our way up to the ‪#‎HollywoodSign‬ in California about four years ago. This photo inspired me to write Real Men Raise CHAMPIONS: Unleashing Your Inner COACH. I wrote this book for men who want to have transformative interactions with their children, and preserve the peace and prosperity that is supposed to be every child’s birthright.

Men, it is imperative that we stand in the gap for our wives (and children’s mothers) and children. Gone are the days when we fathers allow our self-worth to be measured by hefty paychecks. I should know.  Off and on, I have spent nine of my son’s 12 years being a stay-at-home dad.  But know this: I receive immense joy from watching him develop into an intelligent and selfless individual. Now don’t get me wrong; my child is still prone to bouts of selfishness.  But just like I don’t allow him to fail in school, I also will not allow him to develop the kind of defeatist mindset that denies him promotion and, moreover, prevents him from one day collaborating with others to establish a more fair, equitable and just society.

Real_Men_Raise_CHAMP_Cover_for_KindleI want to thank those individuals who have already purchased Real Men Raise CHAMPIONS: Unleashing Your Inner COACH.  Without you, I would not be able to pursue my passion, live out my dream.  Your purchases increase my capacity to take my message to the streets.  And for those who have yet to purchase my seminal text, I say, “What are you waiting on?”  While it’s true I don’t know why so many fathers have detached themselves from their children, I do know transformative leaders like us are needed, so it’s time for the Real Men out there to stand up and be counted.

Please click here to PURCHASE ebook or paperback versions of my book.

Thank you for your support.

J. A. Faulkerson

Strategist | Author | Speaker


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