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Excerpt from J. A. Faulkerson’s Real Men Raise CHAMPIONS Book Series

Real_Men_Raise_CHAMP_Cover_for_KindleWhen it comes to leading the fight to develop healthy relationships outside of our families, we must first accept the fact that every person on the planet is part of one big family. However, word on the street is many of our brethren choose to be absent because they think their women are uniquely qualified to provide the nurturance that children need.

Our women are indeed great nurturers but that doesn’t mean they should be the only ones nurturing our children. It takes two, caring parents to instill championship thoughts, feelings and behaviors; we Real Men just need to lead efforts to encourage more fathers and mothers to do right by their children.

But that doesn’t mean we need to get all up in their faces, telling them they’re dogs for not making the rearing of their children a priority. Our communities are in need of Real Men who will work together to create nonthreatening environments where right messages about love and loving can be exchanged.

The best place for these masculine collaborations to take place is in the church. Most of the men there have confessed their many sins to our Heavenly Father and have sought his forgiveness through repentance. But more than anything, they are committed to making the world a better place for this generation and generations to come.

When I joined the men’s group at a church in Raleigh, North Carolina, I was kind of guarded at first. I barely knew the brothers sitting around the table, so I initially sat and listened as a number of them would share what was weighing heavily on their hearts, their minds. We also dived into God’s word, learning how it could be applied in our personal and professional lives. But weeks later, after I had a chance to befriend a few of these brothers outside the four walls of the church, I found myself opening up more about my growing relationship with God, my understanding of God’s word, even my vulnerabilities as a Christian. I was also afforded opportunities to interact with older male empty-nesters who would often speak highly of their adult children.   Their words inspired me even more to always do right by my son.

Brothers, there is something to be said about fathers in our groups who have raised champions, and about those same champions going on to step boldly into the Prosperity Zone. While the way we rear our children is important, how they turn out (outcomes) is even more important.

True champions finish what they start. They understand knowledge is power, and the best way to acquire this knowledge is through the hard work and sacrifices they make at their respective schools. They understand that they have been gifted differently than their neighbors, and it is up to them to use their life experiences to shine lights on what they’re good at and what they not. For when all is said and done, what a person does with his or her anointing, and the legacy that he or she leaves behind, is what determines if he or she has been victorious.

© 2015. Jeffery A. Faulkerson.  All rights reserved.

Paperbacks and ebooks available for online purchase.



Real_Men_Raise_CHAMP_Cover_for_KindleREAL MEN RAISE CHAMPIONS and EVERY CHAMPION NEEDS A COACH – These are the messages that author  J. A. Faulkerson wants to communicate to today’s fathers. With 24 million American children – one out of three – living without their biological fathers in the home (not to mention the forces that are mobilizing to rob them of a peaceful and prosperous future), the time for REAL MEN to exert their God-given power, authority and influence is now. Gone are the days when fathers allow their self-worth to be measured by hefty paychecks. Today’s challenges require fathers to form HUDDLE GROUPS, and work with their wives (and children’s mothers) to help children selflessly and righteously achieve success.

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100 BM Photo 2J. A. Faulkerson is a Nonprofit Strategist, Book Author and Motivational Speaker with Culturally Coded Content, a creative writing and strategic planning firm. More importantly, he is a staunch crusader for fathers doing right by their children. As the oldest of three children raised by a once-poor, single-parent mother, he wants all fathers to know “Real Men Raise CHAMPIONS” and “Every CHAMPION needs a COACH.”

A certified parent educator through Active Parenting Publishers, Inc., J. A. is committed to showing all parents how to teach their children to lead fearless and empowered lives.  He earned his Master’s of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, and has worked with professionals in both the public and private sectors for over 20 years to improve outcomes for low-income children and their families.

J. A. is available to speak about his insights and experiences as an author, child and family advocate, philanthropist, and former TRIO Upward Bound and YMCA director. He also offers fee-based services for individual and corporate clients and facilitates fee-based workshops for parents who understand the importance of honing their skills and learning from other people’s experiences.

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